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The Boy and the Heron poster official

The Boy and the Heron Reviews: An Adventure to Paradise

“The Boy and the Heron” tells the story of Mahito, a young boy who ventures into a world ruled by animals in hopes of reuniting with his mother. Let’s quickly review the content of this extremely HOT anime series and side information with Ghibli Merch Store. The Boy and the Heron Reviews The work directed […]

Top 15+ Best Studio Ghibli Movies Ranked You shouldn't Miss

Top 15+ Best Studio Ghibli Movies Ranked You shouldn’t Miss

While you may not be familiar with the concept of Ghibli anime movies, you’ve likely come across some of these titles before. Here’s a list of the top 15 Best Studio Ghibli Movies compiled by Ghibli Merch Store to recommend to you. 1. Spirited Away IMDb Rating: 8.6/10 Release Date: 07/20/2001 Genre: Animation, Family, Adventure […]

Totoro cookies

How to Make Totoro Cookies? Easy for everyone

For Totoro enthusiasts, there’s nothing more delightful than creating cute cookies shaped like the beloved furry forest spirit. If you’re a fan of this famous animated film and have a passion for baking, this article will guide you through making Totoro cookies in a fun and straightforward way. No special culinary skills are required – […]

Studio Ghibli T Shirt

6 Studio Ghibli T Shirt Designs Fans Should Own

Studio Ghibli has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with its enchanting and imaginative animated films. For those who want to wear their love for Studio Ghibli proudly, we have curated a list of the top 6 Studio Ghibli T shirt designs that will not only showcase your passion for the studio but also bring […]

Studio Ghibli Plush

Top 6 Must-Have Studio Ghibli Plush Toys For Fans in 2023

Studio Ghibli’s films have captivated audiences worldwide, transporting them to imaginative worlds filled with wonder and charm. For fans who wish to bring a piece of that magic home, Studio Ghibli plush toys are the perfect companions. In this blog post, we will explore the top Studio Ghibli plush toys that every fan should consider […]

Studio Ghibli Poster

Must-See of 10 Best-Selling Studio Ghibli Posters in 2023

Studio Ghibli, known for its artistic excellence and captivating storytelling, has created a remarkable collection of posters that fascinate fans worldwide. In this blog, we will explore the best-selling Studio Ghibli posters, highlighting their unique artistic styles and profound meanings. 1. Ghibli Posters: Howls Moving Castle Vintage Decor Posters The Howl’s Moving Castle poster showcases […]

Studio GHibli cosplay ideas

Top 10 Studio Ghibli Cosplay Ideas For Anime Fans

In the world of anime, Studio Ghibli has created magical and impressive works. From “Princess Mononoke” to “Spirited Away,” the studio’s films truly create a magical world. And if you’re a true fan of Studio Ghibli, why not turn yourself into your favorite characters from the movie you love? Today, we’re going to explore 10 […]

studio ghibli tattoo

Top Studio Ghibli Tattoo Ideas That You Can’t Miss Update 2024

For fans who seek to honor the magic of Studio Ghibli, what better way than to ink their bodies with stunning Studio Ghibli tattoo designs? In this blog post, we’ll explore a collection of captivating Studio Ghibli tattoo ideas that pay homage to this beloved animation studio and its iconic films. 1.Studio Ghibli Tattoo: Spirited […]

kodama tattoo

60+ Unique Princess Mononoke Kodama Tattoo Ideas

Discover great Kodama tatoo ideas through our blog! If you love nature and want to make your mark, these Kodama tattoo ideas are sure to captivate your heart. Our blog will give you the most creative and unique ideas about Tree Spirits tattoo. You will see beautiful and meaningful designs, from images of living tree […]

howls moving castle tattoo

80 Enchanting Howl’s Moving Castle Tattoo Ideas

If you’re a fan of “Howl’s Moving Castle” and looking for a tattoo that embodies its spirit, we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll explore some captivating Howl’s Moving Castle tattoo ideas that will bring the magic to life on your skin. Ghibli Tattoo Howl’s Moving Castle Tattoo Design Collection You can refer […]

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