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The great meanings that Spirited Away brings to viewers

The great meanings that Spirited Away brings to viewers


  • 1. Greed pays dearly

  • In this animated film, the character No-Face is a villain built from human greed. He appeared in a public bath and aroused the greed of people by turning into gold for them to serve him. But when he finished the food served, he switched to eating the staff at the public bathroom.This is one of the meaningful lessons about human greed when serving evil people, their evil and greed will cost with their lives. Nothing comes easy.

spirited away 3
spirited away 3
  •  2. Good people always exist even though the world is weird

  • While living in a strange world, little Chihiro meets many people. The girl has been helped by many people despite their monstrous appearance and many times scared her when they first met. However, they were very kind and took good care of her.In life, when people do not have physical beauty, they will also have an honest heart. No one can be evil with just their appearance and good people are always present around us no matter how weird they are.

  • The great meanings that Spirited Away brings to viewers
  • 3. Children’s Rights
    In this animated film, children’s rights are also mentioned, one of the world’s top concerns. The exploitation of child labor from the witch and the spirits that govern here. She made the girl work as her henchman.

    The image of this little girl represents the children in the life that the author of the film wants to convey. They highlight the evil actions of people who exploit children in real life and the consequences that bad people must receive when they abuse children.

    The great meanings that Spirited Away brings to viewers

    4. Environmental pollution problem
    The subtlety of the film is the author’s mention of environmental issues. Environmental pollution is one of the burning problems today. He brought up the image of a river god that was heavily polluted and smelled. The image of living gods becoming ugly is the effect of urbanization and the indiscriminate littering of humans. Little Chihiro helped this god and is an act of protecting the environment that I want to convey to viewers in this movie.

    spirited away-2

    5. Don’t be too dependent on others
    If appearing in the first part of the movie, little Chihiro is just a shy girl who always needs Haku’s help, from Haku helping to hide Chihiro to making rice balls for her, everything depends on Haku. Haku. But when Haku got into trouble, Chihiro didn’t show any danger but went to find Yubaba’s sister to rescue Haku even though she didn’t know the danger would happen. Because she knows that only she can solve her problems, but can’t wait for someone to help her forever!

    6. Believe in yourself
    In the ending, when Chihiro had to decide who her parents were in the pile of pigs in front of her, she confidently asserted that her parents weren’t there. Despite being asked again and again by Yubaba to distract her, Chihiro still chose to trust her decision and not change. It was that confidence that helped her reunite with her parents.

    We must be self-reliant to do good things, we consider important to ourselves and our loved ones, do not expect too much help from others.

    spirited away-3

    Chihiro is dependent on Haku even for EAT!
    She later found a way to save Haku herself

    Spirited Away is a movie that everyone must see once in their life. The film is excellent not only for its quality images but also for the humanistic values ​​that the author wants to convey to viewers, especially children – who will change the future of the world later.

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